Panoramic view, Casa Ciao Bella, holidayhouse, Le Marche , Italy

My dream in Le Marche!

My idea for a guesthouse was born from my own experience as a woman traveling alone and my knowledge and passion for Italy. Casa Ciao Bella! is a special place where you as a woman traveling alone feel at home. A loving place from which you can explore and discover the area. Where you can sit in a comfortable chair with a delicious drink at the end of the day, sharing your experiences with me and the other guests.
Gastvrouw Casa Ciao Bella, Le Marche, Italie

La Dolce vita stole my heart!

As a little girl I spent many holidays in Italy. Growing up, I went on holidays in Italy for years. Every time I arrive in Italy I feel at home, my heart just opens up. When I need to leave I feel sad, sometimes even sobbing while packing my bags.

For years I dreamed about living in Italy. I’ve switched jobs and houses a couple of times. Every time I arrived at a crossroad moment in my life, there was this little voice in my head let’s go to Italy and build a life there.. but there were always too many ‘but’s and what if’s…’ and fear for leaving the safe path.

When my father died, out of the blue, it hit me… Life just goes on and in the end it’s about the choices you’ve made, the courage you got to follow your dreams. So when I was at a crossroad again, I decided to quit my job and  I chose to listen to the voice and I moved to Italy, to Firenze (Florence). I lived there for a year, took a language course, did volunteer work, enjoyed every minute and felt I am at home in Bella Italia!

So thinking about my next step I felt I want to create a guesthouse for traveling women. 

The why behind my concept

I often celebrated my holidays on my own in Italy. Rented a small car, touring the beautiful landscape and visiting nice little villages and towns, sample the authentic Italian cuisine, getting myself immersed in “La dolce vita”.

I had no pre scheduled plan and started the day when I wanted and decided exactly what I wanted to do, any given moment. Inhaled the Italian way of live and enjoyed every minute of it.

On my journeys in Italy I didn’t find a special place dedicated to female travelers. I was looking for a place where you experience the feeling as if you were staying at a friend’s house. Where there is time to have a chat after you return from your day at the beach or daytrip to one of those picture perfect villages.

I wanted a place where you can share a glass of wine on the patio in the good company of your fellow travelers. In the evening I wanted to savour a home-made delicious dinner al fresco, exchange experiences, travel tips and have fun encounters.

So that’s what it’s about;

Casa Ciao Bella is a unique guesthouse for women only – a quiet place with a personal touch, that will make you feel right at home!

Friends of Casa Ciao Bella, Le Marche, Italy