Solo traveling = dining alone? Not anymore

For years I have been going on holiday alone in Italy. I rent a car and then freedom begins. And yet, every time I think but what about those evenings? What am I doing at dinnertime? I don’t like eating alone in a restaurant. I miss the company and, to be honest, I also feel uncomfortable sitting there on my own at the table. Around me couples, families and friends sit together enjoying good food and chatting. Somehow I really feel alone in these moments. I miss enjoying the food together, sharing your experiences and hearing what the other person did that day.

An organized trip or not?

So every time I plan my vacation, when and where to go too, the thought pops up, ‘maybe do an organized trip so I won’t alone in the evening?’ But immediately I get the jitters! Brrrr… This means I will already know that I’m going to that town at 11:00 on Tuesday or whatever’s on the program. My daily life is already programmed; with work appointments, my regular day for yoga class, on  the weekend I plan appointments with friends and family. On holiday I want to be free!

I am always looking for accommodations where I can meet other people, to have a drink together or dine together from time to time. Yet I’ve never found thé place. Most of the time the owner of the guesthouse does not live in the guesthouse but only rents out the rooms or apartments. When you arrive, they’re sometimes there to welcome you and then they disappear. And the other guests are usually couples or families. They are on holiday with each other, to spend quality time together and are often looking to connect with others, except for a courtesy talk. Which I totally understand.

Casa Ciao Bella in Italy – for women only

I came up with the idea to create that place myself! The place where for traveling women, where you can go to alone but not have to eat alone! During the day, you can do whatever and whenever you want. And if you come home at the end of the day, I’m here and I have time for a chat, I’m curious about what you did that day. I can provide you with tips on what else there is to do in the surroundings. My other guests are looking for same, just like you; a place where you feel at home, where you can meet other guests, drink a nice glass of wine on the large roof terrace with them and occasionally eat together. And who knows, maybe the next day you’ll go out with one of my other guests. To discover a beautiful town together or to relax at the beautiful beach for a day or to have a cappuccino together in the village among the inhabitants. Because every now and then doing something together is also a lot of fun!

You’re welcome to my home, Casa Ciao Bella!